Meet Nancy Sibo, the geeky girl behind the Mobile Cow app project

Nancy Sibo will probably never forget the 08th March, 2014 during her lifelong; not only because it was a day to celebrate the International Women Day, but importantly because on that day she emerged the first “Miss Geek Rwanda 2014”, after convincing a panel of judges that her knowledge in ICTs can transform lives of many Rwandan farmers.

Nancy Sibo (in red), during announcing winners ceremony (Photo: Internet)

Nancy Sibo (in red), during announcing winners ceremony (Photo: Internet)

Sibo, a fourth year student in animal production at the University of Rwanda, proved to be highly committed to achieving cattle farming transformation on the International Women Day when she emerged the first “Miss Geek Rwanda 2014.”

And the statement: “Girls in ICT is not science fiction, it’s a REALITY,” by the Miss Geek Rwanda 2014 obviously reiterated great commitment and importance of Rwandan young women in transforming farming sector by means of ICTs.

Ms. Geek Rwanda is a competition for Rwandan women encouraging them to showcase their knowledge and skills in ICT. This competition was organized by Girls in ICT Rwanda.

Sibo confirms that with her Mobile cow project, most of the livestock farmers will get information on how to monitor estrous cycle of their cows.

Follow how Nancy Sibo, Miss Geek Rwanda 2014, explains more about her project – Mobile Cow Project.

Sure, Sibo has now a story to tell; a story of how she envisages to solve problems of a society she is part of – and I believe she made a good choice by looking for an application that will impact significantly on the Girinka program; which the government of Rwanda has been implementing with a lot of success; just helping Rwandan poor families to get out of poverty and increase their income.

Girinka (One Cow per Poor family) program is one of Rwanda’s home grown solutions that intends to provide each poor family with a cow as a source of income and improving livelihoods.

According to the Rwanda Agricultural Board, the total number of cows distributed since the program’s inception is 180,447 (as of October 2013). Of these, approximately 35,000 were ‘pass on’ cows whereby a beneficiary is obliged to give the first born female calf to another selected beneficiary in the community, often a neighbour.

The program aims to distribute 350,000 cows by 2017.  Hopefully Sibo’s application will enhance the proper management of the cattle.

And Sibo’s story seems to be the ‘beginning’ of the journey dubbed “Smart Rwanda“, according to Rwanda’s Minister of Youth and ICT, Jean Philbert Nsengimana, who made the statement during the colorful event in Kigali while encouraging girls to embrace IT and promising them the government full support.

Nancy Sibo, Miss Geek Rwanda 2014 (Photo: Internet)

Nancy Sibo, Miss Geek Rwanda 2014 (Photo: Internet)

The event was part of a co-creation exercise involving young Rwandan youth which aims to identify possible “Smart” solutions (in this context, meaning “innovative, information-driven, ICT –enabled”); the move that includes “Smart Agriculture” among others.

It’s true that Rwanda is committed to producing more Sibos to take its farming sector to the next level – and the commitment was shown during the recent ICT4Ag conference in Kigali by Rwanda’s Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources, Dr Agnes Kalibata, who promised to put up $30,000 for the country’s green revolution campaigns for competition among Rwanda youth developers in agricultural solutions.

Clearly with more Sibos, Rwanda will be able to achieve its intended agriculture transformation – and the new development is likely to ensure jobs to many young people who have the same innovative ideas; thus accelerating farming transformation.



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