OPPORTUNITY UPDATE: Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) seeks entries

Deadline: Tuesday 6 May  2014. The CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) is working with a multitude of partners in five different regions to address the increasing challenges of global warming and declining food security, by analysing and supporting changes in agricultural practices, policies and institutions. We integrate a gender perspective into our project and program strategies.

We continuously try to illustrate the work we do with partners in our regions on CCAFS blog and web site. But now we want to hear from you! We are calling for blog posts about your experiences with regards to climate change, farming and food security!

We will pick five stories from the pool of submissions, one from each of our regions – East Africa, West Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Latin America – featuring stories about people and organisations creating a positive change linked to food and farming in their communities.

The stories should be 600-800 words. We would like to see you integrate a climate change, youth and/or gender component into your story, and base the blog on your own experiences. You may be a farmer yourself, or working in a youth project related to farming, or focusing on gender-issues within food and farming.

The competition is open to everyone,andwe strongly encourage Young Agriculture and Climate Change Professionals to participate!

How are you making a difference for farmers around the world? Tell us your story!Photo: UNAMID/Youth Farming project  


Few suggestions to get you started:
– It can be a story based on your own farming experience or working with farmers or other food system actors. You could give us an insight to your work and the challenges you face while providing examples of how food system actors are adapting to climate change;
– It can be a case study that has been successful in helping women or youth farmers adapt to or mitigate climate change;
– Reflect on your own work, related to climate change and agriculture, and how you see the agriculture- and food systems best adapting to climate change;
Winning blogs will be selected by CCAFS Communications Team. Selection criteria will include:


– Innovation (both how you tell the story and through which mediums);
– How compelling your story is;
– How concrete your message and examples are;
– Ability to include a gender and youth component.

How do I apply?
Blogs should be sent to Cecilia Schubert (c.schubert[at]cgiar.org) by Tuesday 6 May  2014. Blogs will be posted throughout May/June 2014.

Some requirements:

  • Write in a conversational style and use simple language.
  • Feel free to include photos with your blog, or a video/presentation/poster etc. It can also be a photo-essay with text instead of a full blog story.
  • Since we are seeking stories linked to our regions, you have to reference the regions (or countries within the region) in the story. We prefer stories with concrete country examples.
  • Make sure you have references for facts, quotes and other information you use that are not your own opinions.
  • Credit all pictures – either taken by you or from someone else, and make sure photos are Creative Commons.
  • Blogs should be written in English. Stories related to Latin America and West Africa can be translated into Spanish and French, respectively. That means that you can submit a translated version (to Spanish and French), in addition to the English version, if you are selected.
  • Note: Stories may come to be edited to fit the CCAFS blog format.

What do you gain from it?

The winners will get their blogs posted on CCAFS blog, and stories will be promoted within CCAFS wide networks. Stories will be featured in the respective region, including social media promotion, featured in newsletters and more. The winners will have the chance to highlight their own blog, web site and profile. We will also link to the winners’ Twitter handle.

Now, start writing!

The article was primarily posted on CCAFS website

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