About me

Eric Didier Karinganire

What’s about the blogger?

I am Eric Didier Karinganire, 29, a mid-career & award-winning journalist, based in Kigali, Rwanda. I’ve been working with Rwanda’s Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources as Mass Media Specialist from September 2013 up to now; and from late 2010 until mid 2013, I worked with The Rwanda Focus, a local weekly newspaper, as a reporter. I graduated from the National University of Rwanda, School of Journalism and Communication in 2012.

So far, I am proud to have got some achievements early in my career:

  1. The African Story Challenge grantee/Agriculture and Food security by African Media Initiative, July 2013
  2. Best Business Reporter/Print Journalism Award by UNDP & RGB, November 2012
  3. Best Business Reporter of the year/Rwanda Media Excellence Awards by Rwanda’s Media High Council, May 2012 (few months before my graduation)

My core interest has always been on Socio-economic issues, with special emphasis on agricultural transformation in Rwanda.

Why focusing on agricultural issues?

Agriculture remains the only key sector for many developing countries, Rwanda inclusive, to feed their increasing populations, ensure long-term sustainable economic growth and remove thousands out of poverty, not to mention that it’s the biggest employer. To make sure that we keep moving on successfully, there is a need of effective sharing of information and knowledge that is likely to help farmers improve the way they do their daily activities, but also inform decision makers at different levels on key issues on agriculture sector. Then, that’s the reason why this Blog “Towards Agricultural Transformation” has been created to be part of, and play a vital role in all stages of the agricultural value chain.

For any comment, kindly let me know via erickadidier2020@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting this Blog!


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